MEWP or Access Platform used for safe access window cleaning

Access Platforms

Experts in high level access with an industry leading fleet of access platforms

Cinderella Support Services really are experts at high level access work.  Our associated company Elev8 Access Platforms has an industry leading fleet of access platforms with up to 90 meters of working height and 40 meters of lateral outreach.  Elev8 is the UK’s number one specialist access platform supplier for Trucks and tracked access Platforms.

Each of our divisions has IPAF trained operatives who use access platforms for high level work such as:

  • Tree surgery
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning building cladding
  • Cleaning high level internals of buildings such as factory ceilings


Truck Mounted Access Platforms

These MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) are mounted directly onto a truck. They are ideal for high level maintenance on buildings sited next to a road or car park as the truck mount access platform can be driven directly to the work site and quickly and efficiently perform the high level maintenance task required.

Elev8’s truck mounted fleet range from those with a 19-meter safe working height right up to 90 meter working height and 40 meters lateral outreach which allows them to reach over obstacles such as roofs.

Tracked Access Platforms

There are some parts of a building that a truck mounted MEWP cannot access and in these cases tracked access platforms are very useful:

  • Maintaining high level areas indoors (e.g. cleaning the air side facing balustrades in internal atriums).
  • External areas with restricted access or where the access is over rough grounds
  • External and internal areas where the floor or ground will not safely take the weight of a truck mounted MEWP

Our tracked access platforms have up to 36 meters of working height and up to 18 meters lateral outreach.

Most of our tracked access platforms work on duel fuel, and some of our spider platforms work on litium batteries.  This means they can be powered by mains electric when used indoors or powered by diesel when used out of doors.  These are a fantastic solution for reaching high level areas inside shopping centers, shopping malls and internal atriums.


Mobile Vertical Lifts

These may just go up and down, or may have a fly jib which give them a small amount of outreach.  They are often battery powered and some like our Haulotte Star 10 can even be driven around when the platform is in the elevated position. They are battery powered and small; excellent for indoor use and in particular for jobs where the operator may not want to return to ground to re-position for example internal roof inspection, high level internal maintenance and cleaning of high level internals.

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