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University Window Cleaning

University of Warwick

Supplying internal and external window cleaning to the University of Warwick since 2008.

Cinderella Support Services first started cleaning windows for the University of Warwick in 2008.  The University has in the region of 25000 students and nearly 6000 members of staff using the Universities buildings.

We replaced a much smaller window cleaning company who were sending just a couple of window cleaners to clean large buildings which took a long time.  The University were looking for a company who could send in large teams of window cleaners to complete the clean quickly and create a minimum disruption for the students.

Site specific safe access

Before starting the contract, we visited the University and did a full and detailed risk assessment of all the buildings, paying particular attention to establishing the safest and most efficient way of accessing high level areas and the University’s own work permit & safety procedures.   We asked the client about how they use the building to establish the safest time for window cleaning to take place.

We created a risk assessment and plan of works for each building.  The plan of works is an easy to follow document which shows our window cleaning team which access methods are used and the controls that they need to put into place to ensure that everyone is kept safe during window cleaning operations.

We use a variety of methods for cleaning windows at this university including:

  • Reach and wash from the ground
  • Use of portable reach and wash units
  • Use of truck mounted access platforms
  • Use of tracked access platforms
  • Tower scaffold
  • Rope Access
  • Use of the Universities own cradle and gantry ladders.
  • Roof work using the man-safe systems in place
Designing window cleaning into new buildings

Our contribution during the initial phase of building development helped to avoid the use of expensive and polluting methods of access to clean buildings or structural changes after construction.    During the planning of the £24 million Material & Analytical Sciences Building we suggested a change to the design incorporating a hand rail for cleaning windows overlooking the terrace and in so doing reduced the construction costs of the project as well as make the ongoing cleaning safer and cheaper.

Other Services

Additional services we supply to this client are high level internal cleaning in sports halls, squash courts and buildings with glass ceilings, sign cleaning, jet washing, cleaning of canopies, annual book stock cleaning, providing a reactive carpet cleaning service and even waste removal services to assist the University during refuse collection strike action.  We also supply on site window cleaners during degree ceremonies and important VIP visits to make sure that the University is looking clean and smart for visitors and photographs.

A subject that has always remained a challenge is that of designers suitably taking into account the safety aspects of structures through build, operation and decommissioning. Whilst the CDM regulations (through their evolution) have legislated designer responsibility, the most positive influence is from organisations that carry out maintenance activities proactively challenging their client to engage and include them within the design process. Cinderella Cleaning Services not only pro-actively challenge us, and our designers, but also initiated the principle at our last SHE supply chain forum. The outcome of this is that planned new builds and renovations are designed in a better way, taking in the safety requirements of maintainers and therefore meeting the requirements of CDM 2015. But it does not end there, Cinderella Cleaning Services took up the challenge to present this message to all our supply chain, which greatly helps sell the message throughout our supply chain.


Health & Safety, University of Warwick

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