Hallam University Window Cleaning

Supplying window cleaning services to Sheffield Hallam University since 2006

In 2006 Cinderella were awarded the city center campus window cleaning contract by Hallam University.  The campus buildings in the city center have complex access needs, and it was clear from the level of dirt on them that the previous contractor had been unable to reach some of the windows.

Safe Access Methods for Window Cleaning

As part of our quotes procedure our survey team looked in detail at each of the buildings and established safe and practical methods of accessing all the windows, not just the ones that could be easily reached.

Many of the city campus buildings had cradle tracks fitted for cleaning windows.  These were cumbersome to set up and slow to use, not to mention expensive for the University to maintain.  By utilising our access equipment and rope access expertise, we were able to find alternative safe access methods to clean the windows of many of the Universities high level windows.

The University has some complicated building designs, with many of them being placed in high traffic city center areas.  To clean these safely we:

  • Work out of hours where necessary to ensure students and members of the public are kept safe.  Some of the Universities city campus buildings are situated next to Sheffield’s Main Bus Depot which receives thousands of people and bus’s every day.
  • Arranging traffic management and the appropriate permits with the council.
  • Carefully plan the access methods required for each building. Some buildings require multiple access methods using rope access, trucked mounted access platforms and tracked mounted access platforms inside atriums.  We also utilise our mobile tower scaffold, our vertical lift inside buildings and the Universities own gantry ladders for the cleaning of glass roofed buildings.
  • Deploying a large team of window cleaners working day and night shifts over bank holiday weekends to clean the Universities flag ship Atrium building which has a glass roof, windows which require multiple access methods and high level glass balustrades.
Long term partnership

After successfully completing two terms of the City Campus contract we were also awarded the contract to clean the windows of all the University buildings including their halls of residence and Colligate Campus. Hallam University have awarded us another long term contract trusting us to carry on the great window cleaning service we have provided and further strengthening our partnership.

As affirmation to our expertise in higher education sector we came first in the NEUPC tender – north eastern university purchasing consortium which means universities are able to direct award us contracts now without going out to tender.


In the past four years I have been working with Cinderella, I have found them to provide an professional and engaging service. They live up to their Company purpose "To make simple tasks simply happen".
They offer a value for money service on time.


Procurement Officer, Sheffield Hallam University

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