Chevin Housing Association

Providing cleaning and window cleaning services to Chevin Housing Association since 2007.

Chevin Housing Association manages over 8500 homes across the country.  In 2007 they decided to consolidate their supply base and appoint one contractor to clean the communal areas and clean the windows in properties which receive this managed service.  Cinderella was awarded this contract in 2007 and have retained it ever since.

Tailored cleaning solutions.

Each building is different and so the specification and frequency of cleaning and window cleaning is tailored to the building and the people who live there.   Chevin Housing Association homes cater to a wide range of needs including single people, families, older people and people with support needs.  Our employees are experienced at working in residential environments and are trained to carry out their duties safely causing minimum disruption to residents.

Supported Living

We also clean the communal areas of 10 high quality supported living housing complexes.  The employees we place in supported living environments are carefully selected and trained to ensure they work safely and considerately with more vulnerable people.   We maintain the same cleaners in these type of residential buildings as we know residents get to know them well and feel secure with them in being close to their living accommodation.  As well as contract cleaning we perform tailored cleaning services such as spillage clearance, carpet & upholstery cleaning, floor buffing, cleaning, waste management and removing clinical waste.

Going above and beyond providing cleaning services

Cinderella believe in working in partnership with our clients.  Our cleaning and window cleaning teams are on site regularly and act as an additional set of eyes and ears for the Housing Officers.  If our employees find damage to the building or something that needs repair they report it to our office who then get in touch with the relevant Housing Officer.

Non contracted services.

We know that it is important to keep residential properties looking clean and well kept.  As well as regular contracted work our team also carry out additional services on request such as carpet cleaning, graffiti removal, jet washing, cleaning out of wheelie bins, removal of large dumped items (for example furniture), needle & bodily fluid disposal, void property cleaning, gutter cleaning, snow removal and gritting.


If you would like to find out more about our residential communal area cleaning and supported living accommodation cleaning service please contact us.


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