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Site Surveys

As part of the service we provide we will survey your building or buildings at quote stage and ensure that the methods of cleaning or methods of access are suitable for your needs and safe for all of the buildings users.

Our trained surveyors will visit your site and ask you questions regarding the service that you want and the way that you use your building to make sure the cleaning or maintenance package we suggest to you delivers your work to specification and at a cost effective price.

We evaluate your site and the way that you use it to come up with a safe, practical and cost effective way of servicing it.  For example we may suggest:

  • More frequent cleaning of high traffic areas such as receptions, entrances and lifts rather than an expensive full clean every day or every visit.
  • Dry carpet cleaning techniques for offices with lots of computers where humidity may cause a problem, or for cleaning the carpets in busy hotel receptions or bars where they are open 24 hours a day.
  • The use of access platforms to safely and quickly reach high levels. Where you have multiple buildings in close proximity (for example on University campus) we can schedule high level building cleaning or maintenance for the same day fully utilising the access platform and saving you money.

For work at height we will assess the building and its environment to ensure that the safest most practical method is used.  Some of the considerations in selecting access methods are:

  • Whether the grounds will take the weight of an access platform (both the working site and getting it there)
  • The access to site is big enough for access equipment to fit through
  • The time of day or night at which it would be safest to perform the high level task
  • If permits or road closures are required
  • The height of the building or the highest area that work will take place.


If you would like to arrange for one of our surveyors to visit you please contact us.